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Remodeling Projects that Hold Value


Have you ever been house hunting and wondered what would make the seller install a custom mosaic of the family dog, have every single room remodeled to match a specific theme, or cover every wall in red paint? Home is where the heart is, but when trying to sell, buyers need to be able to imagine it as their home too. Rather than spending on costly customization, its best to invest in things you can enjoy but buyers will still be able to appreciate when its time to sell.

New roof
A new roof seems like a costly investment but it has a strong return value. Sellers can expect to recoup roughly 82% of the cost when they sell their home. A properly installed and maintained roof can also help to reduce heating and cooling costs as well as keep out moisture. Buyers always ask their inspector for more information on the quality of the roof.

Window replacement is one of the best home remodeling projects in terms of investment return; for average-quality vinyl windows, you can recoup 80% of the project cost in added home value, according to the “Remodeling Impact Report.” Buyers know new windows will save them a healthy amount of money for years to come. New windows are also usually visually appealing and can change the feel of a room.

Landscaping Refresh
Drab, dead plants are not inviting and often waste water. Try installing drought tolerant or xeriscape landscaping. You’ll see your water bill decrease and future buyer won’t see just another project. If sellers aren’t maintaining the front of their home what else have they been neglecting? First impressions are everything to buyers.



Exterior Paint
Exterior paint refreshes the look of your home and helps improve curb appeal. Pick modern colors and add accent touches to window panes/shutters and the front door.

Get rid of the “What’s that?” factor
Whatever it is (1950s wallpaper in a 1930s bungalow, a broken front step or cracked threshold, green-and-blue vinyl flooring), fix it or remove it. Get the impartial advice of a friend who can tell you what’s drawing attention and raising questions for the wrong reasons. The more questions, the more people are likely to say, ‘We don’t want that house.’


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