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About PhotoAs a proud native of Las Vegas, Winona have a tremendous amount of pride in her hometown and for her entrepreneurial upbringing where she always had a strong work ethic. Aside from being passionate about being a mother, investor, and leaving a real estate legacy, she’s a true believer of creating financial wealth and peace through real estate while implementing her core values of Quality, Passion, Integrity, and Results. Her knowledge and experience when it comes to buying and selling real estate in Las Vegas is simply unmatched.

Everything we commit to, starts with a strong foundation and no foundation is stronger than your own home. Being born and raised in Vegas, Winona have seen the growth and would be happy to educate you on the numerous communities throughout our valley, from Sky Canyon to Inspirada and beyond.

Her thorough familiarity and knowledge of Las Vegas’s communities, neighborhoods, and local attractions helps her match her clients with the right home for them. Winona Cheung is able to give her clients detailed information about the pluses and minuses of each area. Plus, as a certified relocation expert, she stays on top of the latest changes and trends in both the local and national real estate markets.

Licensed by the Nevada Licensing Board, her educational background, combined with her many years of experience, is what makes her a top agent at HomeSmart Encore, Inc. Her professionalism, winning personality, and personalized service are just what buyers need to find the homes of their dreams.

In the course of five years she has earned her reputation as a driven agent who gives her clients a smooth and stress-free home buying and selling experience. She understands that every client is different and will work tirelessly to help them achieve their real estate goals. There is no one-size-fits-all method for representing her clients in their real estate transactions.

Part of what sets her apart from her competitors is her ability to listen carefully to the unique needs, desires, and goals of each of her clients. It is the personal approach borne out of that deep understanding that makes her a leading agent in Las Vegas.

Track Record of Success

Winona Cheung has a long track record of success as an agent with HomeSmart Encore, Inc. The quality of her service is something that all of her clients are happy to attest to. Knowing the real estate business the way that she does has given her a stellar list of satisfied clients who list among her many great qualities her expertise.

Compared to other area agents, no one comes close. Winona Cheung works hard to get her clients the best deal whether they are buying or selling a home. Most importantly, she is there every step of the way to answer her clients’ questions promptly and straightforwardly.

Helping her clients understand the whole process is part of the job according to Winona Cheung. Her goal is to serve as a trusted advisor and guide, educating her clients so that they are a part of the process. Her invaluable input saves homebuyers thousands and gets sellers the best asking price possible. That is exactly the type of agent buyers and sellers want and need!

Working With Winona Cheung

There is a lot of peace of mind that comes with working with Winona Cheung. She puts the effort and time into building strong relationships with her clients, which is crucial to creating a positive real estate experience. When there are tough choices to be made and important details to iron out, her clients trust her to help them make the right decisions.

Winona Cheung exemplifies the quality agents that represent HomeSmart Encore, Inc. She doesn’t push her clients into buying more house than they can afford and she doesn’t hold back any information about the neighborhoods in Las Vegas. She is always on her clients’ side like a loyal friend.

With all that she offers, probably the best thing about working with Winona Cheung is the hassle-free experience she provides. She does the heavy lifting: crunching the numbers, searching through thousands of listings, and negotiating with sellers or buyers agents so that her clients aren’t stressed out.

Talk to Winona Today!

Does Winona sound too good to be true? Believe it or not, she is just that good and is ready right now to start the process of buying or selling a home with you. The best way to find out just how good she is is to talk to Winona today! We are positive that you will agree that Winona Cheung is the best agent in Las Vegas!