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  • Pa. Realtors report scam offering doesn't text or email agents to sell leads, but an apparent scammer makes it appear that they do. He's contacting agents in the ... read more »
  • You'll soon know if tax reform helps or hurts your businessThe House and Senate reached agreement on a tax reform bill, and top aides say they expect to reveal the final details this week.
  • Sexual harassment fallout changes rulesAll businesses, including brokerages, should have programs in place to fight sexual harassment – and recent events make those programs eve... read more »
  • Fixer-upper or money pit? How to decideFrustrated buyers shopping too-few listings will increasingly consider a home that needs work – but how can they calculate repair costs be... read more »
  • NAR's new Call for Action may be workingA House-Senate joint committee reconciling tax reform bills might be raising the mortgage-interest deduction cap to $750K. Haven't joined NA... read more »
  • Fannie Mae announces eviction moratorium for the holidaysFreddie Mac and FHA should soon follow suit. In a holiday tradition, foreclosure actions may continue but families won't be evicted until at... read more »
  • Remodeling for profit? UnlikelySellers who spend $5K on an upgrade and ask $10K more for their home will probably be disappointed. "Hardly anything will offer a net profit... read more »
  • Conflict over vacation rental rights brewingWhose private-property rights matter more – a homeowner or his neighbors next door? And as short-term renting becomes easier, who gets to ... read more »
  • Home Energy Scores: What buyers need to knowAn energy score doesn't tell buyers how well a home is built. It does, however, tell them how efficiently it operates and potential energy-c... read more »
  • Study: 99% chance someone is putting your data at riskOn average, 64% of office workers email a work document to their personal email weekly, and 24% use the same login for their work and person... read more »