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  • Citizens customers could be paying more in 2018The state-run property insurer wants to raise homeowner rates by an average of 5.3% and commercial accounts by an average of 8.4%, but regul... read more »
  • CoreLogic: Mortgage credit risk edges up slightlyCoreLogic Q1 Housing Credit Index: The HCI rose 3.6 points to 105.6, up from Q1 2016; but the credit risk level remains nearly the same as t... read more »
  • Flood insurance: facts, fictionIf a flood swamps your home, will insurance cover the damage? Maybe. It depends on a lot of factors, including if you have a flood insurance... read more »
  • How to buy investment propertyOwning rental real estate has benefits like investment diversification and an alternative income stream, but there are challenges, too - lik... read more »
  • Gov. Scott signs renewable energy billLawmakers passed a renewable-energy bill (SB 90) supported by Florida Realtors after nearly 73% of voters approved the constitutional amendm... read more »
  • 10 top threats to today's hot real estate marketThe Counselors of Real Estate's annual top 10 list has global uncertainty and political polarization at the top, followed by tech changes in... read more »
  • Realtors have a lot to focus on in Washington, D.C.The mortgage interest tax deduction, according to RPAC, saves more than $24,000 per home sale and could cost each Realtor as much as $22,420... read more »
  • Is a $399K list price really better than $400K?Your brain takes a relatively small amount of info and makes up the rest based on previous experience – a process that also makes 99¢ see... read more »
  • Condo QandA: Bad credit and landscape contractsCan a condo HOA deny a unit owner's tenant who has a poor credit history? Can a condo HOA use the same landscape service for 10 years withou... read more »
  • The zero-down loan? It's making a comebackSome experts said no-downpayment mortgages led to the housing crisis, but some lenders are starting to offer them again anyway.
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