Tift Mitchell, Broker In Charge

Tift has over ten years experience in the real estate industry with a primary focus on the Upper Peninsula residential and commercial multi-family markets. He currently work, lives, and personally invest in this rapidly expanding area of Charleston where capitalization rates on rent returns compare favorably with larger metropolitan cities. In the Charleston real estate market, it is extremely important to have an experienced agent who knows the complex and sometimes confusing processes of the municipalities. Specifically the zoning regulations, Board of Agricultural Review Guidelines and building department guidelines can even be difficult to navigate and Tift can help. The constantly changing FEMA flood guidelines are also important to consider in the downtown market which can impact your overall payment and bottom line. If you have a question regarding any aspect of real estate or are looking to buy or sell, Tift is ready to help and will work hard to find your perfect property.


  • Under Market Value investment opportunities
  • Determining capitalization rates and NOI on multi-family rental deals
  • 1031 Tax Exchange assistance
    Re-location and first time home buyers assistance
  • Foreclosures and Handy Man Specials with knowledge of Construction to Perm
    Loans and FHA 2013 rehab loans
  • Experience and knowledge in the Accommodation Overlay Short term
    Rental District in Elliotborough-Cannonborough and how it relates to VRBO opportunities